Facts And Figures of Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is the plastic surgery which helps in getting the pre-pregnancy body shape and figure. As it is a surgery, it has lots of ifs and buts associated with it and it has a lot of things to understand and know before putting your hands in it.

So, some facts and figures of mommy makeover are:

  • Mommy makeover is the best and convenient way to get back what you lost because of pregnancy. Now you can easily get back to the pre-pregnancy condition.
  • It is a combination of two or more plastic surgery procedures which ultimately reduces the cost and the recovery time because if you will go for them separately them it will take a lot of time in the whole process and ultimately recovery time will increase.
  • As it has some eligibility criteria and limitations before and after the mommy makeover surgery so it generally performed on the patients of ages 35 to 50.
  • You cannot think of taking this just after giving childbirth because your body needs to be recovered fully so that it can resist more.
  • Results in giving back ladies the confidence of looking their best.
  • As it is a combination of more than one plastic surgery, it has reduced the prices which were applicable earlier. But still the overall cost depends upon the age, weight, and general health of the patient.
  • It helps in breast augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, breast reduction, liposuction, arm lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck. As post pregnancy involves lots of changes in the body and most of the skin of tummy, thigh and more loosen and the breast also loses its shape and stiffness because of breastfeeding to the child.
  • This process can only be done if you are finished with growing your family because mommy makeover does not allow you to plan a child after this surgery and if you are planning for a child then you can delay this surgery for one more year.
  • The patient is not allowed to work just after the operation for around 6 weeks so that she can take quality rest without straining herself as stress and strain will cause problems. As it is not possible for new mothers to get time off from the hard work she does for her child so it is recommended that new mothers should not go for this and they should wait for the time when she can take some time off from caring and getting strained.

As doctors will explain you everything before taking it further but sometimes they also forget to say and you forget what they said so it is better to have some prior knowledge so that you can do cross questioning in order to clear your doubts. Not only doubts but you can consults more than one doctor before finalizing anyone and you can also take the help from doctors of other countries so that you can get a better knowledge of what to choose.

Mommy makeover v/s Exercises and Dieting

You must have heard people saying go natural for every problem you are facing because herbs and exercises have the power to deal with every problem but sometimes going for the natural process becomes hard you plan to push yourself hard to achieve your goal.

When a woman becomes a mother loads of happiness knocks her door but simultaneously other problems to knock the door which include loss of toned body. A woman work for her whole life to look her best and 9 months ruin the figure for which she struggled every year leaving her in the condition where she has to struggle again to get back to the same look which she had before pregnancy.


When she thinks of getting back her charm then the first thing which clicks her mind is exercise and then dieting. She does not think of something other maybe because she does not know a lot about the things which can help her in getting back the shape which she had before pregnancy. And of the ways which is getting recognition very rapidly is the mummy makeover, it is a kind of plastic surgery which helps in removing the loosen up skin which is the result of after pregnancy as the skin stretches itself according to the size of the child and when child is born this skin becomes the unwanted lose skin.

Some people says do not go for surgeries as they have side-effects and says surgeries are best to have quick results, well both are partially correct at their places but still a lot is left to know. So, let us the difference between both the methods:

  • Exercises and dieting demands a lot from the patient, time and labour are the basic things and to get the best result you have to put lots of efforts whereas in mommy makeover you just have to clear the eligibility criteria and after that you will be all set for the surgery. In around one month you will become like you will become like you used to be before pregnancy.
  • Exercises and dieting takes a lot of time to show the results whereas mummy makeover shows the instant result.
  • If you will stop exercising then there are high chances for you to fall into the same situation from where you started but mommy makeover gives the permanent result which will never retrieve its path.
  • Exercises and dieting can be done any time after recovering from child birth whereas in mommy makeover you have limitation like you cannot think of having a child in future especially in the one year of duration and many more.
  • For during exercises and dieting you do not have to take off from the work whereas in mommy makeover as it is a plastic surgery it demands the patient to take complete rest which results in office leaves.

These are some of the differences between mommy makeover and exercises, so that you can choose the option accordingly.

Who are Eligible for the Mommy Makeover?

Everything comes with a limitation and when it comes to surgery there are a lot of things which should be kept in mind because everything and every condition has a reason behind them and a wrong candidate cannot go for surgeries because they will surely face some problems and hospital and doctors do not want to take any responsibility.


Mommy makeover one amongst these surgeries because it also has some eligibility criteria for being the patient of it and the people who does not fit are not allowed to go for the operations like mommy makeover. The eligibility criteria to avail the advantages of mommy makeover are:

  • No smoking: The patient should be a non-smoker for this operation and this has become one of the most common points that have become a reason for so many women for not getting eligible for the surgery.
  • Patient must be at a stable state: It is because if the person is not in their healthy state then it can be considered as the option done without their knowledge because ill patient’s permission is equivalent to no permission and you cannot do it on the basis of their family.
  • Healthy weight: Mummy makeover leads to sudden decrease of weight and if the weight goes lower than a limit then it may become dangerous for the patient but if the patient has a healthy weight the reduction in it will just lead her to the stable weight which will cause weakness and nothing more.
  • Good overall health: A patient should be capable enough to handle the pain which a surgery cause but if the person is already in pain or weak then doing surgery at that moment will not be appropriate for her health. So, good overall health is must before going for mommy makeover.
  • Women who have not recovered completely from child birth are not allowed: While giving birth to child a woman goes through a lot of pain and loss of energy so it takes time to get fully recovered internally as well as externally. But if you have not fully recovered yet then you cannot go for this surgery right now because you are already weak and this surgery will just add to that condition.
  • Women who are still breastfeeding their child: Mommy makeover has the facility of tighten breast which loses its shape because of nursing child so it is also recommended for the ladies who do not feed their child now and if you are still nurturing your child then wait till you stop feeding him.
  • Ladies who plans of having child in future: Mommy makeover brings a lot of changes in our body and if you are planning to have a child in future then it will be better if you avoid having this now because this may bring some problems in your next pregnancy.

Above stated points describes the eligibility criteria for a lady who is fit to go for this surgery.

Things to Do After Surgery For Mommy Makeover

Going for a surgery is not a small thing because surgery does bring satisfaction only if when it is properly taken care off but if you mishandle yourself after the surgery then it may lead to major problems, which can stay with you for your lifetime.



There are surgeries at small level and also at big ones and you can show negligence in small ones but big surgeries are needed to be handled properly before and after the surgery. Rest and no stress looks easy in seeing but if you are said to follow them completely for the whole day then it becomes difficult to rest especially for those people who work for MNC’s from where it is hard to take long vacation.

But for those ladies who live in a big family where she has lots of people to take care of her then it becomes easy to cover up the loss caused by the surgeries because surgeries leaves scars behind them and if these scars are not taken care properly then they may stay with you for forever. With the same sort of problem a surgery called mommy makeover has emerged which is gaining recognition day by day.

Mummy makeover has come up as a blessing to those ladies who are not able to reduce the extra fat and loosen skin which they get after pregnancy. Some women are cool with their situation maybe because some ladies do not get affected much even after surgery but there are many ladies which gets badly affected by the operation they go through and who are actually in need of it. Mummy makeover generally covers the area like tummy and breast but you can also take this treatment for the thighs.

Things which should be taken care off after surgery are they should take rest and no stress so that they can recover easily and fast. Ladies who work out mainly find it difficult to take long leave because of which they have to resume working after some days of surgery. Surgery is a very big things and one should not give pressure on the area where it has been performed and working outside it one of the main cause because of which ladies face problems because they resumed their work earlier than the time asked for the rest.

When a doctor says something one should strictly follow that as a routine because negligence of this may cause severe problems for you and no doctor will give you permission to work just after the surgery. So always think of mommy makeover surgery only when you can afford the leave of around 6 weeks because stiches takes time to settle down and the skin which pains and becomes red also need time to come over that situation. If you want to know anything more about it then you can directly consult a doctor or can google it because here you will get the answer of your every doubt.

Rhinoplasty in Men— Guide

Rhinoplasty is the surgery that deals with the correction and reconstruction of the nose. The surgery is carried out to care the various defects in the nose. The various nose injuries are treated for the proper functioning of the nose. It is also done to maintain the shape and size of the nose. The process of the surgery is similar for both the men and women even if the shapes and size of the nose are different for the men and women.


Men has the nose with the bigger width as compare to the women. The angle between the nose and the upper lip in men is calculated to be 90 to 95 degrees. So, there is small difference in the surgical process of rhinoplasty for different gender. The tip of the men nose should be less rotated as compared to the women for the rhinoplasty. As men have the thicker skin, the overall refinement of the nose might also be affected.

There are different reasons that the men looks for the rhinoplasty surgery. Followings are some of them:-

  • Proper Nose functioning

Some might suffer from the different problems in the nose functioning. For example, the disorder in different nose organs might create difficulties in breathtaking. To overcome this problem, he might need to go through the rhinoplasty surgery.


  • To change shape and size

Some Men feels that their nose size is too big or too small. By having the surgery, they can change the size according to their choice. The size is given to match the facial size. The skilled surgeon will be able to give the patient, the nose that is perfect for his face.

  • To heal the injuries

The various nose injuries can be caused due to the accidents. The injury can be broken nose or the bleeding nose. To care these injuries, the patient should have the rhinoplasty surgery.

The surgery is completed within the two or three hours. Normally, he will need to spend just one night at the hospital after going through the surgery. The patient will be able to recover from the surgery within a week. He will be able to go to the work and perform the daily activities after a week. It is suggested the patient should be engaged in any sports activities only after the four weeks of the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is done to construct the nose for the life time. So, the revision is needed for both male and female patients. There are very few cases that the surgery has been perfectly completed in one time. The patients might need small operations in the future.

After the successfully completing the surgery the patient gets the completely natural looks. Other people rarely will know that you have gone through the surgery. A bump is removed and the size of the nose is changed. The rhinoplasty is also done in order to change the nose tip and narrow the nostrils span. The basic charge of the surgery is around 50,000 dollars and less in the most of the hospitals.

Types Of Mommy Makeover/Tummy Tuck Surgery

The tummy tuck surgery becomes one of the effective ways for those people who are self build up in various matter such as loose, loose skin around the midsection or having the muscle poor or weakened through pregnancy and weight loss.

Due to this problem individual become so much self confidence and they can easily receive a firmer and getting the figure much more younger. When there is no proper diet and exercise for removing the obstinate excess tissues as well as fat cells, tummy truck can easily be superior for the person’s contours

0There are different types of abdominoplasty found and all the patient can easily select the best one that will satisfy their need by the help of the doctors. There are four type of tummy trucks surgery are available which are listed below:

Traditional tummy tucks: the traditional tummy tucks are one of the common type of tummy truck surgery. Making of a hip-to-hip inclusion as well as inclusion all over the belly button are consist in this type of tummy truck mummy surgery. Such things is consist as they address all the abdominal parts of the patients and they generally consists of shifting the belly for ensuring the output gets natural instead of artificial looks. Commonly such traditional tummy truck surgeries are joined with the abdominal liposuction.

Mini tummy truck: it is another type of tummy truck surgery which are mainly planned for those patients having the 10 percent of their weight of the body as well as are content that makes alteration just to the abdomen part which lies below the navel. One small incision are just require for the mini tummy truck surgery. Normally the repositioning of the navel do not consists. There is some change in appearance of the abdomen by the partial abdominoplasties. It also provide a vary less time for recovery than the tummy truck procedure.

Endoscopic tummy surgery: in the same way it is also other type of the tummy truck surrery which is done for the patients having the problems such as abdominal muscles become poor, less abdominal far and without any noticeable loose skin in the stomach parts. using the endoscope a tiny camera placed to the slender tube the surgery is done. Due to the incisions just have to be large, an endoscopic abdominoplasty results in the least noticeable scarring. The technique tummy truck is employed in the tummy tucks for people who are suffering from rectus diastalsis.


Extended tummy tuck: the removal of “love handles are consists in this extended tummy tucks the love handles are on the both side of the waist and the removal of fat and excess skin from the stomach side. normally the incision is low due to this there is no any visible if the mark extend at the back side of the hips. For the treatment of the larger area this procedure is chosen. So the traditional tummy truck is less use.

Circumferential tummy truck: lifting of the body is circumferential tummy tucks. Generally this surgeries is done by those patients having the undergo gastric bypass surgery. Due to the loss of skin flexibility the massive weight loss is achieved. An expenses for the circumferential tummy truck surgery are also cover by some of the insurance companies. The removal of the excesses skins from the thigh, buttocks, hips, abdominal area are also consists in the circumferential abdominal area. At the back side the mark is seen through this type of procedure.

These are some of the types of the tummy truck surgery.